COST MultiGlycoNano

Satellite meeting – workshop of the ESF COST project CM1102 – Multivalent Glycosystems for Nanoscience – MultiGlycoNano

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19th – 21st April 2013
OREA Hotel Pyramida, Prague

Main topics

  • Novel synthetic methods to allow the simplified and scalable production of glycoconjugates
  • Neoglycoconjugates with complementary recognition elements to be used as nano-scale building blocks for synthetic biology
  • Soft glyconanomaterials for delivering biomolecules, genes and drugs into cells
  • Glyconanoparticle probes for molecular imaging and thermal therapy
  • Neosomes for crossing the blood-brain barrier

Time schedule

See the Scientific Programme and list of posters of the COST satellite conference.


For the satellite conference and accommodation in Hotel Pyramida, please use the registration web

Number of participants is limited to ca 70.

Local organizers

  • Prof. V. Křen
  • Prof. J. Moravcová
  • Doc. V. Spiwok